Wednesday, November 7, 2007


There was a long period of time , where i forgot for a while about my lighters. I was busy with raising my daughter, at the same time tried myself in retail business which did not pull out as what I expected. Started to do a lot of freelance job. So the lighters was neglected, my wife just put the small collection that I have in a box and stored it somewhere in my store room.

Apparently the interest all came back when my new company (just join about less than a year) sent me for a knowledge transfer project in South Carolina, USA. I was in Greenville, South Carolina in December 2006 for about a month. Seriously Greenville is beautiful. Seriously beautiful.

Well as I am in US, i might as well buy myself a momento, (I already got a list from my wife, parents and in laws to buy so I think I had to buy something for myself too). So while walking through one the many shopping malls there,
I found a really nice zippo with the US emblem engraved on it.

I called it Carolina. heheheheh