Monday, July 14, 2008

Austrian Knight

I am writing again (hopefully no more long months of delay…). I should not put this kind of excuses after a long delay in updating this blog; excuses like, I am too busy to update the blog,….a lot of things happening in my life now.. errr oil prices gone up like 40%..... my machine got struck by lightning….. just got into a new job good pay but pretty stress like *&^% … a lot of the people done like the prime minister….

Anyway, here is a lighter that I ask my cousin to buy when her family went for a holiday in Austria.

A zippo with the Austrian’s coat of arms. I am just imagining those old European knights in the war horse ..smoking cigar, lighting up the cigar with the metal plate zippo with their metal plate gauntlet…. (please ignore this fantasy)

Anyway here it is.